Danice Castaldi
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GoodMart: Branding
The proccess behind the branding & UI Design for GoodMart. GoodMart is an app which allows the conscientious shopper to make responsible online shopping choices.
market research

I briefly conducted research into common brand interpretations of responsible shopping, as well as alterative interpretations.

Common interpretation
• sombre
• Toned-down
• serious
• minimalist
• heavy use of greens & beiges
Common Branding
Alternative interpretation
• Bright
• Bold
• Friendly
• Colourful
• fun
• Personality
Alternative Branding

Identity Development

I selected the alternative interpretation as I wanted the app to feel more approachable and down-to-earth.

Identity in Simple Terms

More approachable  than high brow
More fun  than serious
More colourful  than dull
More communal  than commercial
More familiar  than clinical
More happy  than neutral
More modern  than classic
More warm  than cold
More young  than old
More playful  than serious
More transparent  than mysterious
More open  than closed
More varied  than limited

Key Words & Concepts

• conscientious
• Colourful
• ethical
• Friendly
• responsible
• integrity
• clear
• open
• sustainable
• familiar
• easy
• trustworthy
• fun
• local
• community
• transparent
Mood board
I created a visual representation of the mood and identity I wanted the app to have.
wordmark development
App name ideation
Typeface inspiration
Typeface options
Combining relevant iconography & possible brand names
Typeface Brand name selected by survey
Selected icon & typeface
Selected typeface
Logo development
primary brand colour
For the primary brand colours, I selected blue for its associated values. Initially I selected a darker blue, which I then amended to a brighter blue.
Feels serious, somewhat clinical and too similar to facebook.
More fun, vivacious, young, happy, friendly.
Colours applied to GoodMart wordmark
Colour injection & ui refinement
Colours & accessibility
Atomic design system